With a strong track record in corporate advisory, we bring tested and proven expertise to the table.

We advise on structuring/restructuring and financing, ownership and control relations, governance, reporting obligations, mergers and acquisitions. Our approach is always to focus on how we can add value to a client’s business. Not only by understanding their business, but also by contributing in-depth knowledge of their specific market sector.

In addition, we specialise in debt and equity financing, employee participations, board composition, structuring with different types of shares and setting up and maintaining corporate structures.

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Family-Owned Businesses

Our track record in corporate advisory also includes family-owned businesses.

We advise family board and non-board members on business succession, demergers and corporatisation, continuity structures and estate planning. We are also a discussion partner and trusted adviser to them on family law issues, prenuptial agreements and wills.

Our approach is how to ensure business continuity, based on building long-term relationships with our clients and guiding change. Change in the market, in the family, in their business, and in the world.