Q·G·M - Q·g·m boekenkast

Our Answer to Ongoing Transitions and Changes

A Knowledge Platform

Q·Lab is a think tank, a knowledge platform and a network. The essence of Q·Lab is to connect the practice & the academic, young talented individuals & experienced professionals, and our clients.

The outcome is added value for everyone: for our clients, young talented professionals and the people of Q·G·M.

Q·Lab is our answer to ongoing transitions and changes. Like changes in society where we want to play an important role together with others, including addressing renewable energy, increasing digitalisation, and artificial intelligence. It is a safe space where we all can do research, exchange ideas, write articles, and discuss and experiment with new concepts. A space where both young and experienced professionals listen to one another and share their views and insights. And create innovative solutions.

Q·Lab links excellence with the human touch. With a commitment to community and the future.

Contact Joris van de Bunt to find out more about Q·Lab.


Quist Geuze Meijeren
Concertgebouwplein 29
1071 LM Amsterdam
The Netherlands

+31 20 765 2400

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