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Top-tier service, expertise and innovation, with the human touch. We seamlessly combine our proven track records in practice with our standing in scholarly legal debates.

Our clients are professional parties and include private and listed companies, family businesses and financial institutions. Our areas of expertise are: Corporate & Family-owned Businesses & Real Estate & Energy.


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Q·Lab is a think tank, a knowledge platform and a network. The essence of Q·Lab is to connect the practice & the academic, young talented individuals & experienced professionals, and our clients. The outcome is added value for everyone: for our clients, young talented professionals and the people of Q·G·M.

Q·Lab is our answer to ongoing transitions and changes. Like changes in society where we want to play an important role together with others, including addressing renewable energy, increasing digitalisation, and artificial intelligence. It is a safe space where we all can do research, exchange ideas, write articles, and discuss and experiment with new concepts. A space where both young and experienced professionals listen to one another and share their views and insights. And create innovative solutions.

Q·Lab links excellence with the human touch. With a commitment to community and the future.

Contact Joris van de Bunt to find out more about Q·Lab.


Q·G·M - Paul Quist

Paul combines many years of practical corporate experience with specialised legal know-how. He also lectures and publishes on corporate law issues. He is an excellent discussion partner and assists families and wealthy individuals with estate planning and business succession. “Explaining complicated matters plainly and understandably is essential.”

Paul Quist

Q·G·M - Bianca Geuze-Draaijer

“We must always dare to think out of the box, and to create innovative, doable solutions.” Bianca is noted for her extensive know-how in successively handling complex corporate law matters, including corporate governance issues. Bianca is a participant in Erasmus University’s Governance Institute Program for supervisory directors and board members.

Bianca Geuze-Draaijer

Q·G·M - David Meijeren

David’s expertise is advising on the purchase and sale of real estate, project development and on effectively structuring real estate transactions. “Clients can rely on our going the extra mile to achieve their goals.” David is associated with the KNB as an auditor and in that capacity conducts peer reviews at other notary offices in Amsterdam.

David Meijeren

Q·G·M - Jvdb website

Joris’s area of expertise is renewable energy. With a focus on developing innovative legal structures, Joris guides clients every step of the way from development to the operational phase. “Renewable energy means new business models, and innovative legal structures.” Joris has also published on the ability to finance solar parks in the Netherlands.

Joris van de Bunt

Q·G·M - Qgm_paulkerckhoffs_portret

Paul is Q·G·M’s go-to senior counsel for finding solutions for challenging matters. He is noted for being pragmatic yet unconventional, circumspect yet innovative. His extensive know-how ranges from real estate and urban project development, to energy and senior citizen care.

Paul Kerckhoffs

Q·G·M - Qgmlaw-stevenhijink-0804'240-028

Steven's practice spans corporate law, corporate governance, financial reporting, and accountancy law. He is a trusted advisor to companies and audit firms and published numerous books and articles. He is also a professor of Corporate Reporting Law at Radboud University in Nijmegen and lawyer at CalcuLaw.

Steven Hijink

Senior Advisor

Q·G·M - Qgm-irenevisser-2301'24-082-zww

Irene, Ph.D. in Private Law, is an assistant professor at the University of Groningen and enhances Q.G.M’s legal practice with innovative thinking, leading to cutting-edge solutions for our clients' needs and fostering a dynamic environment for young talent.

Irene Visser

Professional Support Lawyer / Real Estate & Energy

Q·G·M - Sabina baegen website

Sabine's main priority is delivering top-tier legal service. Her field of expertise is advising on the purchase or sale of commercial real estate. Sabine is noted for being clear in her communication, solution-oriented and practical. As well as easily approachable and committed.

Sabine Baegen

Senior Associate / Real Estate & Energy

+31 20 765 2403
+31 6 1590 6347


Q·G·M - Vincent1

Vincent’s practice is at the nexus of corporate law and family law, with a focus on family businesses and estates. He advises on acquisitions, investments and (re)structuring, striving to achieve the right balance between the interests of all involved. Vincent is pursuing doctoral research into the legal position of third parties on shares.

Vincent van Kampen

Q·G·M - Qgm-matthewmonrooij-2702'24-052-website

Matthew specialises in commercial real estate transactions with a focus on (re)development projects. Matthew advises investors, project developers, financial institutions and other parties with the acquisition, sale and (re)development of commercial real estate and supervises (mortgage) enforcement procedures of registered property.

Matthew Monrooij

Senior Associate / Real Estate & Energy

+31 20 790 0355
+31 6 5329 5429


Q·G·M - Qgm-portretten-2701'21-077-01-uitsnede-tbv-website

Stefan assists our clients in e.g. (re)structuring, acquisitions and takeovers. Clients comment that he is thorough with a keen eye for detail.

Stefan Kroezen

Q·G·M - Qgm_willempham_portret

Willem focuses on corporate law. Working closely with the other practice groups within the firm, he enjoys finding effective, workable solutions for complex private law issues Willem also coordinates Q·G·M's recruitment activities.

Willem Pham

Q·G·M - Qgm-portretten-2701'21-063-01-uitsnede-tbv-website

As a member of the Real Estate & Energy team, Bram works on a wide variety of transactions and projects. These include the purchase and sale of real estate and solar energy projects.

Bram Cuijpers

Q·G·M - Luca nouwen 2

With a pragmatic approach and an eye for detail, Luca assists clients in finding solutions to their legal challenges. In this process, he takes the client from A to Z. For him, transparency and clear communication are key during the advisory process.

Luca Nouwen

Q·G·M - Qgm-portretten-2701'21-204-01-uitsnede-tbv-website

Mirjam oversees compliance with all relevant laws and regulations in the context of compliance: Know Your Client. She is also a true support within the corporate law team. Mirjam is helpful, precise and always available to lend a helping and knowledgeable hand.

Mirjam Verweij

Paralegal Corporate / Compliance Manager

+31 20 790 0351

Q·G·M - Qgm-chantaldewit-2301'24-090-zww

Chantal has been working in the notarial profession for quite some time. She enjoys using her years of knowledge and experience to achieve the best results for our clients. She is also a true support within the corporate law team. Chantal is helpful, precise and always available to lend a helping and knowledgeable hand.

Chantal de Wit

Paralegal Corporate a.i.

+31 20 765 2407


Q·G·M - Ino Coenraats-de Jong

Ino Coenraats-de Jong

Q·G·M - Qgm-mirandaschout-2702'24-021

Working closely with the partners, Miranda coordinates the office organization. Her focus is to continuously improve and develop the business operations. She is organized, versatile and enjoys making sure her colleagues have everything they need.

Miranda Schaut

Q·G·M - Qgm_shellybooijen_portret

Shelly makes sure that everything is taken care of to the highest standards. She is welcoming and sociable, with a strong focus on client satisfaction. A perfect fit for her role at Q·G·M.

Shelly Booijen

Office Manager / Legal Assistant

+31 20 790 0358


Our clients know they can expect quality, commitment and clarity from us, their legal counsel. Why? Because we expect the same from ourselves and our colleagues. But on a human scale.

As trusted advisors, we are dedicated and involved to ensure our clients get the advice and assistance they require for each matter.

We have vast experience working on complex international matters with a Dutch law angle and provide the highest quality service and advice.

We often work with other advisors at reputable law firms in the Netherlands and abroad. We can swiftly reach out to other legal specialists in different fields, leading to a seamless (cross-border) service.

We translate complex legal issues into doable and effective business solutions. Solutions which ensure continuity, on both a national and an international level.


“It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and then tell them what to do; we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do.” Steve Jobs

We are always looking for law students. We offer various forms of student internships, thesis internships and work-study placements. In addition, we are always looking for candidate civil law notaries, corporate legal counsels, and other individuals who are eager to share our vision and commitment.

We strive to offer our people room for personal and professional development. And to build a supportive, high-quality and healthy office together.

Please contact us to learn about what we can offer you.

Bianca Geuze
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