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Quist Geuze Meijeren is a premium law firm with lawyers and civil law notaries specialised in corporate law and commercial real estate law.

We have vast experience working on complex international matters with a Dutch law angle. We provide the highest quality service and advice.

We often work with other advisors at reputable law firms in the Netherlands and abroad. We can swiftly reach out to other legal specialists in different fields, leading to a seamless (cross-border) service. We are dedicated and involved with just one aim: to make sure the client gets what he or she needs.


The lawyers and civil law notaries of Quist Geuze Meijeren have a strong track record in their respective field of expertise.

We provide corporate law and commercial real estate law advice to large and medium large (listed) companies, private equity firms, large family offices, real estate investors, financial institutions and non-profit organizations.

This includes advising on mergers and acquisitions, corporate governance, (re)structuring, (re)financing, security rights and management participations.

In the field of real estate law this entails the (re)structuring and financing of property, transactions and the registration of data networks and pipelines.


QGM - Paul Quist

Paul Quist

Partner / Corporate Lawyer and Civil Law Notary

+31 20 765 2401
+31 6 2248 9678

QGM - Bianca Geuze-Draaijer

Bianca Geuze-Draaijer

QGM - David Meijeren

David Meijeren

Partner / Real Estate, Corporate Lawyer and Civil Law Notary

+31 20 765 2404
+31 6 5088 3680

QGM - Vincent van Kampen

Vincent van Kampen

QGM - Marie-Elise Heijboer

Marie-Elise Heijboer

QGM - Stefan Kroezen

Stefan Kroezen

QGM - Mirjam Verweij

Mirjam Verweij

QGM - Ino Coenraats-de Jong

Ino Coenraats-de Jong

QGM - Talitha Kocken

Talitha Kocken


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